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The Earth Dragon (Ti-Lung)
The Earth Dragon controls rivers, and water on the Earth 

eastern type of dragon.  It is generally benevolent -- the embodiment of divine protection, vigilance and fertility.  In its form that combines fish, reptile and bird it has the ability to swim in the seas, fly in the heavens and coil up in the land where its humped back forms the ridges of mountain ranges. 

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EARTH DRAGON: The Earth Dragon is a quieter, more reflective Dragon, He will be appreciative of other's opinions even if he fails to agree with them. He is reasonable in his approach to problems and his leadership is less dictatorial. He is not given to outbursts of temper, but at the same time demands respect. He knows the value of cooperation and is more diplomatic than the other Dragons. He is ambitious, but his initiatives are less hurried and more carefully thought out.    

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